Sagittarius and sagittarius sagittarius cusp love compatibility

Disadvantages of Sagittarius and Gemini Relationship. There are so many advantages to a Sagittarius and Gemini Relationship.

For one, Gemini appreciates Sagittarius' honesty. What you see is what you get with them. They are true to their word and they always keep their promises. Likewise, they have zero tolerance for lies and infidelity. Sagittarius can be compassionate, but never forgiving if their partner cheats on them. And when it comes to communication, Sagittarius and Gemini excel at it. Just like any normal relationship, no matter how high their compatibility rate is, this pairing still suffers from a few differences.

However, the Gemini and Sagittarius relationship does not really bear much.

Probably, one thing that Gemini can greatly scrutinize Sagittarius about is when they get into their sarcastic mode. Sagittarius can innocently utter words that can hurt Gemini. Their honesty is appreciated, but it is one thing that can always raise an eyebrow and be misinterpreted from other people. During heated arguments, no one from either side wants to concede. Often, small disagreements can explode into a big argument that neither one would like to handle at that moment.

Both signs prefer to let things cool off before they ever face problems. Though, this can be quite okay, the longer they prolong solving issues, the higher the chances that these gaps can build walls between them. On the flip side, Gemini always gives mix signals to Sagittarius.

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Gemini's mood swings are one thing Sagittarius can never tolerate. Naturally respectful, you treat your partners with much respect and reverence. This is quite admirable, and it is bound to get you respect in return. The gentler Sagittarius tends to be reserved in matters of love.

The Scorpio-Sagittarius Cusp

Your shyness does not allow you to flaunt your feeling for your beloved. This involves developing your romantic engagement from your more established platonic friendships. With this, you cannot go wrong. It will enable you to cement rapport with your partner. Your family will prosper under your care and guidance. Your ideal lover is one born under the Gemini, Aries, and Leo zodiacs. You have much in common with such a partner. This means that your relationship will be both healthy and focused.

The stars indicate that you should have nothing to do with a Scorpio, especially where issues of trust are concerned. December 22 zodiac people are very prudent. You take a rational and logical approach to problem-solving. Also, you like having fun.

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As such, you are often engaged in activities that pool together like-minded individuals. But, you believe that fun is not fun if it does not involve an element of competition.

Sagittarius and Sagittarius Love Compatibility

You are a hardworking individual. You are driven by the need to help your community overcome some of its challenges. Being perceptive, you know exactly the cards you need to play in any given situation. Thus, you make the right decisions most of the time. People appreciate the fact that you are consistent. You do not waver in your attempts to help the less privileged in the community.

All in all, you have a couple of flaws that you need to rectify. These weaknesses do not look good on you. For example, you tend to worry over some non-issues. Also, you are often controlling and dictatorial. You can ensure good behavior without resorting to underhand means. All in all, you are in the good books of good karma. Your kindness is a big plus to your personality. It will take you far. You share your birthday with many famous people from all over the world.

In order to remain in a healthy sexual relationship, both of these partners have to compromise, Scorpio finding a way to give freedom, while Sagittarius finding a way not to run away from the seriousness of their partner.

In the best possible contact, Scorpio will give their sex life emotion and true physical intimacy, while Sagittarius will be there to give meaning and shake things up, representing the light at the end of a tunnel. Together, they can build an incredible sexual relationship, for both tend to be uninhibited about locations, positions and situations in which they wish to make love. The biggest problem for a Scorpio and a Sagittarius in a relationship is trust. Scorpio has the need to tie their partner down, even if they have that seemingly liberating view on love.

There is nothing a Sagittarius will dread more than someone trying to control their life.

Are you a true Water of Fire sign?

If someone can spark the need of Sagittarius to be unfaithful, it is most definitely Scorpio, launching them further and further away by trying to come closer. An additional problem with this couple is in the quality of their signs, Scorpio being fixed and Sagittarius mutable. This makes it almost impossible for them to share a pace, and in order not to disappoint each other, they both might choose to lie. The strangest thing in this relationship is in the fact that these two signs are, without a doubt, the most honest signs of the zodiac.

Still, their relationship seems to face them with the other side of their personality, one none of them wants to see. Two such strong individuals give each other exactly what each of them needs when it comes to their mental compatibility. Scorpio will face Sagittarius with any superficial or outdated views, while being compassionate enough to know how to do this without hurting them, and being fixed enough not to change their intent somewhere along the way when Sagittarius thinks of running away.

The meaning they seek in all things in life, Scorpio going into depth and Sagittarius traveling wide, will connect them through a strong bond that no other combination of signs can form. If they are on a shared mission, they can accomplish incredible things and have real epiphanies together. The only way for them to value each other, is to focus on the positive characteristics and sides of one another and their entire contact.