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The family had multilingual discussions at the dinner table. A slender but active youth, he bicycled, played tennis and soccer. Petersburg from Even among its elite students, Vladimir was aloof and even haughty, being driven to school each day in a Rolls-Royce. In his uncle bequeathed him about two million dollars and a large estate, reinforcing his independence and enabling him to privately publish a book of poems.

Due to the Russian Revolution in November , the family left their home, stayed with friends in the Crimea for 18 months, then fled to England in April via Constantinople. Vladimir and brother Sergei enrolled in Trinity College, Cambridge. He coasted to graduation with a BA in , easily passing exams aided by his meticulous lecture notes.

He completed his best translation of "Alice In Wonderland" into Russian during this time. His dad moved to Berlin, and trying to prevent an assassination, was shot and died in Vladimir moved to Berlin and worked at the same Russian language newspaper his father had, composing chess problems and crossword puzzles. He taught English and tennis, published short fiction and poetry, appeared as an extra in films and acted in theatrical productions.

His mom moved to Prague where she remained on a government pension until her death in He moved to Paris in with his family, where they remained until the Nazi invasion of Fleeing to New York, he worked for the Museum of Natural History in New York classifying butterflies and in , became a naturalized citizen.

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His art ability enabled him to write and illustrate several books on lepidoptery. His first publication in English was in With the help of literary friends, he received jobs in academia. The summer of , Nabokov taught creative writing at Stanford.

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He became a Russian instructor and resident lecturer in comparative literature at Wellesley College in the fall of until , then taught at Cornell until Nabokov is most widely known for his novel, "Lolita," the story of a middle aged man besotted with a year old girl, published first in Paris in , then the U. The controversial novel involved Nabokov in an obscenity court case in , but his financial status was secure and he retired from teaching.

Being a lifelong insomniac, he wrote mostly at night. Brian Orser is a retired Canadian figure skater. Orser moved onto coaching after retiring from competition. He coached two Olympic champions: Kim Yuna and yuzuru Hanyu Despite the abbreviation, the system was named in memory of 9-year-old Amber Hagerman who was abducted and murdered in Arlington, Texas in A Silver Alert broadcasts information about a missing senior, especially someone suffering with some form of dementia. The system was introduced in in Oklahoma, and has spread across the nation since then.

It was this Brutus that Julius Caesar turned to when he was assassinated on the steps of the Senate. The Mantoux test is a skin test used to screen for tuberculosis TB. The test is named for French physician Charles Mantoux who developed it in The procedure involves the injection of a small amount of tuberculin into the skin to check for an immune response. Tuberculin is a protein that is extracted from the outer membrane of the bacterium that causes TB.

Thorns are derived from shoots, spines are derived from leaves, and prickles are derived from the epidermis. I find Chrome to be much, much more user-friendly than Internet Explorer, and more featured than Firefox. Chrome also works more seamlessly with other Google products and with Android phones. All television sets produced for the US market since the year are required by law to include a component called a V-chip.

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It sounds like a great idea, but a lot of kids these days quickly do a search online and work out how to reset the password. A second postscript is a post post scriptum, a PPS. The russet is probably a mutation of the Burbank potato. One Luther Burbank developed the Burbank potato as a disease-resistant Irish potato, and gave the strain its name. The russet Burbank is a relatively large potato.

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The company has done well in a market where new technologies seem to be constantly disrupting the status quo. Pollock was married to Lee Krasner, herself an influential abstract expressionist. Yemen is the only state on the peninsula that is a republic its official name is the Republic of Yemen. Everyone over the age of 18 gets to vote, but only Muslims can hold elected office.

Yemen has seen many rebellions over the centuries, and has been suffering through a Shia uprising since February Rusty Staub had a relatively long career in baseball, having played his first game at the age of 19 and his last at age Staub was one of only three players who hit home runs in the majors before the age of 20 as well as after the age of The others are Gary Sheffield never heard of him!

Sepia is that rich, brown-grey color so common in old photographs. Sepia ink was commonly used for writing and drawing as far back as ancient Rome and ancient Greece.

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Rather, it is the result of a deliberate preservation process which converts the metallic silver in the photographic image to a more stable silver sulfide. Prints that have been sepia-toned can last in excess of years. Snow chains for automobile tires were invented in Prior to the invention, drivers would use ropes and even vines to wrap around their tires to get traction on muddy and snowy roads.

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And, there were a lot of muddy and snowy roads back then. A drum major is a leader of a marching band, and is a position that originated in the British Army Corp of Drums in To help him do so, a drum major often uses a large baton. Over time, it became customary for the baton to be twirled and tossed in an elaborate display. The drum major tradition was embraced by high school marching bands in America.

Drum-majorettes became popular in the s, with groups of females taking up baton-twirling and marching with bands. Parker House rolls are so called because they were invented at the Parker House Hotel in Boston in the s. A peculiarity of the roll is its shape. The ball of dough is flattened into an oval shape with a rolling pin, and then the oval is folded in half. The insect we know as a ladybug has seven spots on its wing covers.

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The Post-it note was invented at 3M following the accidental discovery of a low-tack, reusable adhesive. The actual intent of the development program was the discovery of a super-strong adhesive. And so, Gatorade is named after the Gators football team. Elke Sommer is a German-born actress who was at the height of her success on the silver screen in the sixties.

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She also sings and has released several albums. Now Sommer focuses on painting, producing artwork that is strongly influenced by the work of Marc Chagall. Back in the year CE, the ancient Kingdom of Armenia became the first nation in the world to adopt Christianity as its national religion. The New York Mets baseball team was founded in as a replacement for two teams that the city had lost, namely the Brooklyn Dodgers and the New York Giants.

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