Tlc birthday astrology march 11

This is the one I use, its also crazy accurate. If you want good Birthday astrology check this out. Im trying to get more info about the author and other books, Jill M. Aug 7, September interested in the physical world loves fashion and clothes designer friendly and sociable works in a subordinate position willful controls the own feelings dislikes emotional display shrewd evaluative instincts highly demanding selfish and manipulative drives can be ruthless blind to see the other's point of view attracted to physical and sensuous beauty extremely sensitive to external stimuli taste, smell, I guess they got my number.

This is me and my mom to a T. My birthday is April 30th and my moms is April 29th.

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This was very comprehensive and spot-on accurate. Thanks OP. May 4th! Aug 8, This is me. Don't know about the last 4, but everything else is right on point. August health-conscious, into the medical fields rather shy, timid, silent dresses neatly loves details and manual work keen observer hesitant and even suspicious easily upset by chaos too rigid and inflexible fixed attitude servile and caring rather passive wants to be discovered unstable love life suffers from nervous and emotional instability tends to withdraw.

All of which is me June humanitarian interests intellectual and living on the mental plane compassionate and delicate ego fixed ideas but very original and creative unpredictable behavior and cannot stand to be pinned down serious always on the move the explorer and adventurer very detached has a nebulous self-image charming the story-teller good with money dual feelings can be a mess emotionally needs a change in relationships and free space cannot stand formalities and restrictions June 16 The collector.

Andi asks is your Birthday March 11th...

Very possessive. June 17 Emotionally closed. Needs an intelligent partner. June 18 A fighter. A big ego.

March 11 Birthday Horoscope

The social butterfly. January not too intellectual, misjudgements possible wrong loyal wrong business-minded wrong longs for material success wrong ambitious correct a striver correct hardheaded, tough and often aggressive correct dislikes weakness correct work comes first wrong often rather naive wrong Swing and a miss. This sounds nothing like me and was very inaccurate. I don't believe in this stuff so I wonder why I even came in here expecting something to be spot on.

May pleasure-seeking YES! Food and Sex make me happy. Now, I collect cute handbags. Folks always want to know were i get my ish and my skincare routine. I'm quite awesome. Ppl irk me sometimes if start praising me too much and ish.

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  5. Forceful and often compulsive. Argumentative and fretful. Cannot decide. Too much into perfection.

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    Aug 9, My Sept Bday results: Keeps an eye on trends. I spend hours and hours looking at hot shit Creative. Very Gorgeous. Why, Thank YOU!!!! Cannot open up emotionally.

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    7. Unfortunately Self-expressive. Dead on. Aug 12, Jan Jan18 Needs a secure environment. Fixed habits. Very private.

      Scorpio Child Traits, Personality, & Characteristics

      Easily misunderstood. Fears rejection. Demanding and controlling. Can be very successful in professional life but less so intimately. Loves children.

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      Needs a serious partner. Needs excitement. As a result, you may have been through many phases and periods of reinvention. Very adaptable, you may feel like you have a series of personality that arise depending on the situation. In all matters of life you are passionate and intense. This is especially true with those you hold dear.

      You are glad to devote time and energy to anything you feel is of value. Your special relationship with water allows your words to take on the fluid and adaptable qualities of a free-flowing river. Your unique planetary influences combine to make you the most spiritual and passionate of all the Pisces Decans.

      You are on a never-ending quest to find the meaning of life and spirituality, which is paired nicely with your imagination.