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A Chart That Explains the Compatibility Between Chinese Zodiac Signs

If you have any doubt or suggestion about this program, feel free to contact me , I just made it as a hobby, and try to improve it from time to time, but for this I need to know the opinion of people using it; in short I need to know if the compatibility percentages are coherent with the reality you know. During many years an unhappy Unix sysadmin, since write in this website, mostly in spanish, and do tarot consultations for a living.

I was born in Spain 40 years ago, in finished studying industrial engineering and began my short sysadmin career, then in moved to a small sailing boat and have being going from one place to the next since then, although lately stay most of the time in the Azores islands.

Monkey needs the intellignece of the Mouse and the courage of the Dragon. Due to the above said factors they are complementary to each other. Here Mouse represents the water element, Dragon the water element and Monkey, the metal element.

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These are deep thinking animals who continue to dwell upon one aspect or the other. They are always conscious about attaining their objective. Buffalo is strong and sturdy, but desires to possess the diplomacy of the Snake. The Cock aspires to possess Snake's alertness and Buffalo's strength.

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Here the element of Buffalo is earth, element of Snake is fire and that of Cock is metal. Hot and cold, loud and quiet, anxious and calm or masculine and feminine.

A Chart That Explains the Compatibility Between Chinese Zodiac Signs

Essentially the Yin energy is considered to be receptive, intuitive, and feminine while the Yang energy is considered to be giving, logical, and masculine. The polarities mean that the opposite sign will help support your energy and help you generate energy.

This same concept is used in Western astrology. Read this next: Enemies of the Chinese Zodiac.

Chinese Zodiac Sign Compatibility: Elements, Animals & Polarities

Just as in Western astrology, there is a lot of layers to compatibility and it can help you find better ways to understand all the people in your life and hopefully, yourself. If you approach compatibility as a map to get along with everyone by seeing how your energies interact, you can use it to improve your interpersonal skills.

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  8. Use the information to inform you but know that you can work to overcome the odds with compassion and mutual respect. Want to explore more about compatibility?

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    Be sure to check out our fun love compatibility test and see what the stars have to say for you. The more you learn about the zodiac signs , the more in-depth understanding you can get about yourself and your partner from your birth charts.